Manitou loaders

Manitou loaders

Manitou loaders are an up-to-date solution for business, manufactured according to the latest requirements of the agricultural and industrial environment.

DONSNAB-ZAHID is the official representative of Manitou in Ukraine. We are also a dealer of leading Ukrainian and foreign factories-manufacturers of other agricultural machinery, special equipment of the most various and most demanded purpose.

Many variants of reliable equipment, powerful and durable, passing heavy daily tests are presented to your attention on the website and exhibition areas of Donsnab-Zahid throughout the country. Telehandlers Manitou, swivel, mast, wheel loaders, including articulated, backhoe loader and attachments – everything is here! Each of them is endowed with a number of the most important advantages in the economy from designers, which are of great importance for successful work in the field of agronomy, construction and some industries.

Innovative machines from Manitou Group are designed for rapid work in mountainous areas, in difficult soil and climatic conditions, which is very appropriate for many people in different countries. This allows entrepreneurs in various fields to achieve the most effective results.

Our company makes available to customers skillful, innovative and at the same time easily manageable functionality in the field of loading or unloading, lifting or moving the ground and other loads. New and used machinery Manitou can be bought or rented now by contacting us.

By providing customers with our range of goods and services, we try to simplify their lives, their actions, help businesses to keep up with the times, make them competitive and stable in the market. Also provide in a difficult environment and give a boost to productive work. We are always ready to help in such a case as the repair of Manitou forklifts, we give a guarantee and we are honestly responsible for providing you with this type of innovative machines.

Each model is designed for durability, easy to maintain, ready to facilitate human labor and have less impact on land resources.

Manitou loaders from Donsnab-Zahid are:

• affordable, optimal solution of everyday needs;

• a combination of safety and high performance every day;

• providing an increased level of comfort for the operator throughout the day;

• panoramic windows, rear-view mirrors and a good lighting system for increased visibility when working during the day and night;

• compactness to perform even completely unpredictable actions;

• reduction of negative impact on the environment;

• combining several important qualities simultaneously (design, functionality, technical capabilities);

• power and economy when performing tasks in difficult conditions. In large productions, in a large farm, such equipment as a loader does not stand idle for a single day, especially in season. That is why the above qualities are so important for the owners of this unit. Endurance, inexpensive maintenance and at the same time simple, but still multifunctional management – the key to high productivity and profit of the farmer. We know how necessary a strong iron helper is in everyday life. We understand this and offer only the best technology, as focused on the success of your business. Choose the best, most suitable model and contact our staff for a successful purchase.