Reliable Finnish Sampo combines – again in Ukraine

Reliable Finnish Sampo combines – again in Ukraine

Sampo combines on the Donsnab-West website are a real “giant with a huge appetite” and the first assistant in the Agro field:

  • The most well-thought-out solution to facilitate and speed up work on large agricultural enterprises.
  • High-tech machine for solving the most important farming tasks every day and in the hottest season.
  • High efficiency and quality assurance of harvesting, forage harvesting.
  • Original technical design that allows farmers to accurately predict successful field work.
  • A smart machine that saves time on cleaning without specialists.

Advanced, innovative technologies have been introduced into the Sampo combine by specialists in such a way that not even the most experienced combine can successfully solve with field tasks. Moreover, this machine will facilitate daily work, preventing loads due to the use of electro mechanisms.

Powerful engine, automatic power boost function, absolute control with just one hand, time savings on high-performance reaper installation, large panoramic window, spacious cab and excellent sound insulation to ensure the most comfortable combine conditions! All this and many other agro-functionalities are embodied in Sampo combines.

Nano-powerful technical solution from skilled designers who are well versed in mechanical engineering.

Comfortable cab of the Sampo combine. The spacious, modern and ergonomic cabin easily allows two people to be at the same time, to work comfortably throughout the day. Noise and vibration isolation in Sampo models is very appropriate during harvesting. This is exactly what you will appreciate! To the right of the driver are well-located monitors and sensors at eye level, the control panel is built into the right armrest for even greater convenience. There is installed speakerphone function that allows the operator not to be distracted from work. Reaper level control and loss monitor can also be installed if required.

Thoughtful overview of work processes. For an increased level of safety, a large windshield has been invented, which contributes to an excellent overview of the reaper. The powerful light of the set of headlights and LED dimensions around the perimeter provide movement of the vehicle at dusk and at night.

Turbo-harvesting speed. The quality of the harvest depends on timely harvesting, so the efficiency of equipment is above all. The faster the unloading, the sooner the work will be completed. When making Sampo models, the masters also considered this factor.

Cleaning and maintenance of the combine. Here, too, experts have done well. Easy cleaning is important, especially in the season when the work is in full swing and spending a long time cleaning it is to your detriment. The functions are solved in such a way that trips to the machine shop – it is quite possible to completely exclude from the schedule. Cleaning the combine can be done on site, saving a lot of time. Hatches are opened with one handle, to get to the lower windows of the elevator; to reach the ribs is also not difficult. Everything is behind high-speed hatches, where access is possible without effort. Also easy access to bridges, which are also not as difficult to clean as it seems at first glance. A clean combine is the key to clean grain!We are focused on the needs of agro-consumers, so we offer only high-quality equipment for harvesting. Sampo combines are a new level of popularity in the agronomic world!