Attachments for telehandlers Manitou

Attachments for telehandlers Manitou

The current market of equipment presents a wide range of attachments for forklifts, and there are simple, understandable reasons: such technical elements are in great demand in various directions. They are bought as the main assistants, first of all, in agriculture and, of course, at conducting active construction works. All of them are easily replaced, making ordinary loaders absolutely universal special machines for processing large plots of land, loading building materials and fodder, moving any kind of loads.

Attachments to Manitou forklifts – a guarantee of quality and durability! Now it has become even more accessible for you! DONSNAB-ZAHID is a company that is the official representative of Manitou equipment in Ukraine and provides high-quality accessories for daily loads of your special equipment. You can buy the best models of equipment for construction, large agricultural activity and industry, as well as spare parts for Manitou equipment right now at current prices or rent it. Attachments for loaders under the order of own production of the most various type also in our catalogs. We create the best offers for your effective work in the fields, on construction and production!

Since our company has its own production of professional attachments, better known among the clients under the brand “Techno Dvir”, we have the opportunity to give customers the best prices in Ukraine for a full range of attachments. Value for money You will appreciate.

What is attachments? This is a set of equipment, which easily perform a number of functions that are impossible to do for a person every day. Clamps of loads and loading of agricultural products are carried out thanks to a hydraulic system of the loader. When buying equipment and a forklift, important factors must be taken into account, especially the fact that the attachments significantly reduces the load capacity of the equipment itself. Independently estimate and calculate the amount of work, regular loads is quite difficult, so the advice of our experts will be very useful. By joint efforts you will clarify technical characteristics, calculate approximately forecasted loadings (weight, dimensions, materials), schemes of transportations of freight, features and operating conditions.

What you can buy from us:

• A large range of buckets for all areas of work, mainly agricultural: buckets for grain, silage, root crops and general purpose, including grab buckets, excavator bucket, bucket with cutting edge and construction buckets.

• Clamps for square and standard bales. Also there is available clamps for logs, lateral clamps for providing more convenient working processes in difficult conditions.

• Pallet forks, bale forks.

• Snow blades and universal blades for Manitou telescopic loader.

• Cranes.

• Platforms, mounting baskets and loader hooks. High-quality attachments are the key to efficient use of the loader. The equipment of our production meets all strict requirements of the modern businessman and is obligatory to state standards. High quality and pleasant pricing policy are worthy competitors to many well-known import producers. The company “Donsnab-Zahid” is one of the leading manufacturers of attachments in Ukraine, which is confirmed by its use in various areas of the domestic economy and even far beyond the country. We guarantee high quality and efficient operation of our equipment!